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Fairfield County, CT

don’t know where to start? WE’VE BEEN THERE!

Organizing can be extremely overwhelming – the piles of stuff, the clutter, the disarray – it can feel like a black hole that you can’t climb out of, am I right? Don’t worry, we’re here to pull you out! At Organize With Marie, we offer a variety of services to accommodate your needs.

We know that every client and situation is different; maybe every person in your family has different wants and needs regarding how your space functions. We got you! During our initial consultation, we will go over all the nitty gritty – your likes, dislikes, goals, what’s working, what’s not working, and your aesthetic. After that, we will create a customized plan that fits YOUR lifestyle. The functional systems we put in place will help your daily life run smoother (hallelujah!) but are also completely adaptable as your home life changes and grows.

No matter how large or small the project, we will work within your budget to bring calm back into your life. Do you need a whole house overhaul? A linen closet refresh? Is that junk drawer driving you nuts? Are you expecting a new baby or need help unpacking after a move? With our array of services offered, we’re here for you no matter what!

In-Home Organizing

Servicing the greater fairfield county, ct area. if you live outside this area, a travel fee will be added.
Minimum of four hours
Most projects will require two organizers for efficient organizing
  • A complimentary 30-min to 1-hour in person or virtual consultation
  • Research, design & shopping – we build a customized plan for each space that meets your needs, goals and budget
  • Editing, sorting, categorizing and labeling (free custom labels are included for all active clients)
  • To help maintain organization and keep systems in place, product suggestions based on aesthetic and budget can be sent to the client for purchase
  • Complimentary donation arrangement and trash removal after each session

Marie’s Maintenance


A quick 90 minute maintenance session of a previously organized space. We’re all human; it’s normal for systems to need tweaking as daily life goes on! This session focuses on getting things back in order or making simple changes to the original design.

*Active clients only

Virtual Organizing

Need help organizing but live too far from us or have a smaller budget? We can coach you through the organizing process through video chat and phone calls.
$175 per session
  • A complimentary 15 minute virtual consultation
  • Research, design & shopping – After you provide the measurements and photos, we build a customized plan for your space that meets your needs, goals and budget
  • Following the consultation, we will schedule two 30 minute virtual sessions in which we will coach you through the organizing process

Additional Services

Moving & Unpacking Services


Whether you’re buying, selling, or both, we can help you during this stressful process. Before you put your home on the market we can help you declutter and organize your space to achieve a beautiful, minimalistic sanctuary that’s buyer-ready! Overwhelmed about unpacking after the move? From your entire home to just one room, we will unpack your belongings and organize them into functional systems so you can breathe easy and enjoy your new space.

Seasonal & Holiday Storage


Need help switching out seasonal items? Whether it’s getting your closet ready with your spring wardrobe or moving winter coats to a storage unit, we will make sure the process is seamless.

When the holidays roam around, it can be a stressful time for everyone. We will help you unpack and decorate your home so you don’t have to! The best part? We will even take everything down and safely pack up your items afterwards (everyone’s least favorite part)!

The Process

01 consultation

During our initial 30 minute – 1 hour consultation, we will go over the entire organizing process. As we walk through the space, we’ll discuss your wants, needs and goals, and take any necessary measurements and photos. From there we will develop a customized plan that fits YOUR lifestyle and functions for YOUR day-to-day because no client or space is exactly the same!

02 edit & sort

The first step of the organizing process is to take everything out of the space! From there we will go through and purge any items you no longer want or need. As we’re editing, we will sort your items into categories to get a better idea of what you have. Putting like items together will allow you to find what you’re looking for when you’re looking for it!

03 categorize

Once everything is edited and categorized, the fun really begins! Containing your items utilizing organizational products will help maintain order moving forward. We are product experts! We’ll help you find the right systems that work within your budget or we can utilize containers you already have. Most importantly, we will create beautiful systems that fit YOU and your aesthetic.

04 label

Last but not least: labels!!! By labeling your containers, you’ll take the guess work out of finding what you need. Better yet, it will help others find what they need without your help, it’s a win win! Organize With Marie will create custom, beautiful labels that match your aesthetic. There are many colors, fonts and styles to choose from!

we can’t wait to work with you!

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